The region Mani

For long periods, in the coarse and border peninsula, an insubordinate and dynamic population fought hard battles in order to survive and be independent, organized into patriarchical armed families. Thus, Mani, appeared as a separate geographical, historical, colonial and cultural unit.

The whole land - planning organization and form of the settlements and the buildings - narrates the codes of values of the disturbed life and compose a rare, important and long historical, monumental and aesthetic picture.

In Mani you will be able to see many archaeological sites, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with extraordinary religious paintings and traditional settlements (98 from 118 traditional settlements of Peloponnesus are situated in Mani).
In the area you will find many caves but also paved streets and canyons for hikers.

Here you will see rare indigenous plants, which have been the pole of attraction for many visitors, especially during the spring.

Mani awaits you to explore it, and we in the business - the sons of Anastassios Theodorakakis - offer you the local hospitality as we do it more than 40 years long.